Welcome to PSoCrates where we revel in all things PSoC.  It is a place where zealot like enthusiasm is encouraged.  It is a place to learn more about total system design.  It is a place to share your projects and learn from those who have shared theirs.  PSoC stands for Programmable System on a Chip and it is now possible to have control over the analog, digital and software of your design.


Digital design is an essential skill if you are going to make electronic things.  With a $25 CY8CKIT-042 PSoC development kit, a $10 PSoCrates Boolean Board, and a $10 copy of Learn Digital Design with PSoC a bit at time, you now can learn digital design in 42 fun, informative labs.  Just install a free copy of Creator, the Integrated Design Environment, on your PC and you are ready to go.