About Us


PSoCrates was founded in 2014 by Dave Van Ess. Dave has been involved with programmable systems on a chip since joining Cypress Microsystems in 2000. It is his believe that with embedded programmable analog and digital peripherals, coupled with a micro-controller, a complete system on chip can be achieved with little or no external components. With programmable resources, peripherals can be changed on the fly, and hardware can now be thought as allocable. Dave has also been very involved with education and had co-authored several papers with professors for the American Society for Engineering Education.

He has noticed that students coming into college have more experience with web page development than ever before. This however has come at the cost of less knowledge about computer hardware, mechanical things, and electronics. Students also are demanding hands on experience from day one of entering college. Not all students buy tuition and the hobbyists are encouraged to participate. PSoC is an excellent platform to learn the nuts and bolts and amps and volts about real systems and build real things.

PSoCrates is a place to explore new ideas. It is meant to be fun and Dave will try to include things that he thinks would help. It is a place to share you results. If you spent a bunch of time not knowing what you are doing to end up creating something never seen before, well that something to crow about.


PSoCrates is meant to be affordable. The tools are free. The hardware is as low a price as Dave can get. Any hardware sold in this site will also have the bill of materials and directions on how to get your own print circuit board fabricated.

PSoCrates is also a place to share ideas and problems. You may be smarter than most and maybe even smarter than anybody, but you are not smarter than the collective everybody. Some of the best result happen from with someone comes up and says, “try this!”