AN82250 working with Boolean Board

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    For those of you who have finished Dave’s book, and want to try something more adventurous, I have got the Cypress AN82250 project working with the PSoC 4 Pioneer Board and the Boolean Board.

    The changes I had to make were
    – change the chip to the one on the Pioneer Board
    – the switches on the Boolean Board are connected to Vdd, not ground so
    — I inserted not gates from each switch before the debouncers
    — I changed the settings on the input Pins to Resistive Pull Down instead of Resistive Pull Up
    – I wired the two switches to P2[0] and P2[1]
    – I wired the four LEDs to P1[7], P0[6], P3[4], P2[7]

    I’ll send Dave the completed project and hopefully he can host it on the download section.

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