You are going to need software. Here are programs I recommend. They are either free or very reasonably priced.  Just click on the tile to go get it.


PSoC Creator

Creator is the tool suite that allows you to develop a total system on a chip. With schematic entry, Verilog entry, hierarchical design and a C complier you have all the tools you need to implement your solution. "Making" is just being clever and having a bunch of stuff to fool around with. Creator gives you access to all that stuff. You just add the clever. This tool suite is free.









PSoC Designer

If you want to use PSoC1 then you will need PSoC Designer. Fortunately it is also free. It contains the tools necessary to design, program, and debug your design.










Spice is an analog simulation tool the was developed at the University of California Berkeley (Go Cal!). It is a tool widely used by working engineers trying to simulate their designs. Offered by many vendors, versions come two flavors; Expensive and Crummy. The exception to this is the SPICE offered by Linear Technology. They make precision analog stuff and saw that simulation tools that cost thousands of dollars limited their sales. So they provided their own version of SPICE.  Is pretty good and it is free